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The West Jefferson County Historical Society (WJCHS) is the leading organization dedicated to preserving and presenting the 19th century pioneer era of Jefferson County development from early settlement through early industrialization. Shortly after the establishment of WJCHS, three pioneer homes, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, were donated to the organization. The families in these houses were the ‘movers and shakers’ of their day. The Jefferson County Board of Education, Birmingham Southern College, The Alabama Department of Arhives and History and Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church were all established by these pioneering families. Bessemer’s first Mayor was born in McAdory House, and Moritmer Jordan High School was named after a nationally recognized member of the family.



Standing unpainted but majestic, this two story house was built in 1838 by Isaac Sadler around an 1820 log cabin sold to Sadler by the widow John Loveless. The dogtrot remains open, and original painted wainscoting is evident. A massive kitchen chimney is of rock, but the two chimneys by the home are of brick, which was made locally. The house is listed In the National Register of Historic Places. Dona­ted by Mrs. Freddie S. Lipscomb of Auburn, AL



Built adjoining an 1833 cabin, the two-story house was painted white in 1861, when the dogtrot was enclosed. Thomas Hennington Owen farmed while raising his children there. The house evolved to the Victorian period as the family continued to retain the house as a summer home. The Owen Family also lived near Old Elyton and were founders of Birmingham Southern College. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the house was donated by family members, Jim and Talulah Love.



Exhibiting hand-hewn logs with rock foundation, this is the first of the three pioneer homes to be placed in the National Register of Historic Places. This dogtrot cottage, circa 1841, was ·built by Thomas McAdory and given to the Society by J.Elmore McAdory in 1973. Born in the house was Thomas McAdory Owen, founder of the Alabama Department of Archives and History. ­­Isaac Welligton McAdory, also born here, was the first Superintendent of Education in Jefferson County.